Saturday, December 16

Can Something be Real Inside of an Illusion?

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~The Illusion By Chase

It is said by many, so I really can’t give out the answer,

Its more of an opinion like a cure for the cancer,

But where do I stand in this matter, moresoever left field,

Get heartaches from those groups through other mediums who claim real,

Is it the same or is it a difference, who cares to know,

One way for sure is understanding the language from the soul,

Where all the answers and true religions lay at,

Some pretend so much its a game where they play at,

Some treat life as a household actor,

A few really telling the deal but not much of a factor,

Its a new day in the new age, still we on the same stage,

Some things have to change like words to experience a new page,

However, some are out of the loop of going through it over nothing,

I know my role, so what is yours for discussion,

I say “I love money” is the phrase of today’s mind,

But it all links to being free so let’s change that line,

Of trying to maintain through this life long cycle of circulation,

Only if you knew the source from what you facing?


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