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24Th June – 10 Events That Happened On This Day In History

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So, what happened on the 24th June in history? Below are 10 events that happened today;

1, Hitler invades the Soviet Union

On this day 24th June 1941, German forces begin the invasion of the Soviet Union

2, Mark Chapman Admits Killing John Lennon

Today, 24th June 1981, Mark Chapman changes his plea to guilty and admits killing John Lennon

3, Roswell

On 24th June 1997, the U.S. Air Force release a 231 page document dismissing the claims of an alien spaceship crashing in Roswell, New Mexcio, 50 years earlier

4, Picasso

Today, 24th June 1901, Pablo Picasso’s first major art exhibition opens in Paris, on Rue Lafitte

5, Soviets Blockade West Berlin

On 24th June 1948, the Soviets blockade West Berlin by cutting off all sea & land routes between East & West Germany, this was to prompt the massive Berlin Airlift organised by both Britain & the U.S

6, Mark Twain Patent

The Author known as Mark Twain, received a patent today, 24th June 1873, under his real name Samuel Clemens, no 140245, for a self pasting scrap book

7, The Video Recorder

On the 24th June 1963, the first demonstration of a video recorder was made at the BBC News Studios in London 

8, King Henry VIII

Although becoming King on his fathers death, 21st April 1509, today, 24th June 1509, saw the Coronation of King Henry VIII, confirming him as King of England at the age of 17

9, Lionel Messi

Born 24th June 1987, Lionel Messi celebrates his birthday today. The FIFA World Player of the Year, who plays his club football for Barcelona, is currently inspiring Argentina in their campaign to win the World Cup in South Africa

10, The Lion King

On the 24th June 1994, Disney release The Lion King in the U.S.A. With music by Elton John & winner of 2 Oscars, this was to be the highest grossing 2d animated film of all time


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