Monday, December 18

Technological Enterprise

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Technological Enterprise
Ruining peoples lives
Everyone needs to be instantly gratified
Make it quicker, faster, stronger,
Concern ourselves with the bottom line

Like BP’s Catastrophe the oil of humanity spills into the greed
of the once previously well thought out plans that are now misconceived
Tired of being in the middle class
Working, all the time two jobs, busting my ass
Just to get by,
watching others happily idling by,
I swear I’m not a bad guy

Mentally unstable, wondering why
wondering why we do this life,
Every day a constant struggle of internal needs
Every day a constant struggle of internal greed

The self-sufficent
repenting for all the random ineffiencies,
of others, why don’t you see
why doesn’t someone come instantly gratify me
you, it doesn’t matter point is, no one taking their own responsbilities

While children of of our own country cry themselves to sleep
Unable to get a time for them, a time of peace, a time to live, a chance to eat
Selfishness the life we now know
No longer giving chances for them to grow

Capitalism dying
While technology thriving
People out of a job laid off, dehumanized
By a machine that can do it in half the time

Companies downsizing to appeal to their red lines
Accounting for their bright green dollar sign gazing eyes
Government bailout so those larger companies
Can appeal to their CEO’s clout,
While the middle man sits at home, watching while his family cries out

No job, no food,
No clothes, no shoes,
Children at home sick with the flu
Called in sick, just to be told we no longer need you


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