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Top Money Saving Tips That Will Save You Money

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Saving money is important to us all, these are my 10 top Money Saving Tips;

1; Self Service Tills at supermarkets.

If you have money off coupons that are bar coded & not issued by that store, you will be able to use these at the self service tills even if you haven’t brought the product they are for. Cashier manned tills check items you have brought but there is no such check at the self service tills. If you have coupons amounting to £5.00 do not buy all your groceries in one go. Pay for your main shop, take it to the car then return. Pick up some more things that you require and pay for these at the self service till with your coupons. If you are shy about doing this then give it a trial run. Just buy one item and see what happens. If it works great, if it doesn’t then the machine will tell you. You can then just settle the bill by cash or card without needing to call for an assistance to clear the transaction.

2; Spend a day comparing prices. 

I know this sounds boring but in the long run its very beneficial. I used to shop at one store only which was costing me £135.00 a week for a family of 5. My weekly shopping list is nearly always the same so I took a day out and went checking prices.  Its amazing what you can save! Tesco’s & Asda are probably the most competitive and their prices aren’t that much different. Tesco’s however are currently doing a Double Points promotion which gives you money back vouchers. If an item is the same price get it from Tesco’s. The points quickly add up & currently one promotion of theirs is to change up one £5.00 money back voucher & receive £20.00 in vouchers for a meal at Bella Italia! 

One supermarket however that has really come to the fore of late is Aldi. Get used to it because this is where the major savings are made. Don’t bother buying just because its cheap , you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for price, but in Aldi there are some amazing prices to be had for good quality products. Their 4 pint milks are nearly 50p cheaper!!! When I get through 6 of these a week that is already a saving of £3.00. Each week they do a special 6 promotion on fresh fruit & vegetables  for 49p a pack. The pack size and quality of these products is excellent. One promotion recently offered was 5kgs of top quality Maris Piper potatoes for 49p, incredible! I now spend my time shopping between Aldi, Tesco’s & Asda which has resulted in bringing my food bill down to approx £80.00 a week which far outweighs any cost of petrol you might incur shopping around!

3;  Own Shop Brands.

Do not be a snob! All the major supermarkets basic ranges have improved tremendously over the years but, as I have said before, do not sacrifice quality for price, you do still need to like the product. So to start try switching certain things such as biscuits, tinned tomatoes, toilet rolls, kitchen roll, dishwasher tablets and see how it goes from there. Tescos currently are doing Basic Value Dishwashers tablets at 30 for £1.72 again exceptional value. Buying these certainly can help towards saving costs.

4;  Do not rush. 

When you go shopping take your time. Did you know that the best offers are usually on the top shelf or the bottom shelf? The supermarkets want you to purchase their most profitable items and these generally are found at eye level. 

5; Sell by Dates.

 If you see fresh meat which has a sell by date of that day, chances are the supermarket will reduce its price. Ask them. I have been before where there were packets of fresh chicken breasts which quoted a sell by date of that day. I asked and was told to come back at a certain time as these will be reduced to half price by then. I only had to wait half an hour and then brought what I required as this is still good to freeze on the day of purchase.

6; Free Upgrades.

If you have a perfectly good phone that you are more than happy with but are entitled to a free upgrade then still upgrade. Keep the phone you are happy with and sell the brand new one on Ebay. You will be surprised at how much you can get for this. In fact Ebay is still the greatest way to de-clutter your home whilst raising money but please do the research. There is no point selling something on Ebay which is going to cost you more than what you earn. Check out all the listing fees for both purchase & sale, the fees taken by PayPal for handling payment and postage rates. 

7; Social Tariffs for Gas & Electric. 

If you are a household in receipt of income support, income based job seekers allowance or a pension credit, or maybe you are looking at ways to help your parents cut costs in their retirement check out Social Tariffs. Gas & Electricity companies are committed to these to help the more vulnerable in paying for their gas & electric bills. In some cases this can be a discount of 20% on the normal tariff. Presently these companies are also offering free loft insulation & wall cavity. Just phone & enquire.

8; Swapping. 

Go back to being old fashioned and swap with friends. If you have children of similar ages but in different year groups then swap clothes. This is especially useful with regard to school uniforms.

9; Libraries.

Not just great for lending books, DVD’s & CD’s but there is also a Toy lending library service which lends a wide range of toys for a nominal fee or sometimes even free. If you are planning a Children’s party check this out as you may be able to hire outdoor toys for the day for a fee of £1.00.

And finally………

10; Avoid cash back at all costs.

Once cash enters the wallet its there to be wasted! If you brought something for £5.00 and asked for £10.00 cash back chances are that £10 will be frittered away so in actual fact the item  would have cost you £15.00. Have a debit card and don’t be afraid to use it even if its for a purchase of £1.50. Some shops don’t take payments by debit card for payments under £5.00. If they don’t then walk out, don’t fall into the trap of having to spend more to pay for the item you want.


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