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Strange Awakenings in a Morgue

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A number of strange awakenings after being pronounced dead is baffling doctors. Trying to find a logical explanation is proving hard work, referring to these patients as miracles. They have also described these patients as being in a sleep like state.

4 stories of these strange awakenings.

A polish woman aged 84 years was declared dead by a doctor only to wake up in the morgue, hours after. One of the morgue attendants had seen her move, and realised she was alive. The woman was very sick but she was alive.

A Venezuelan man woke up in a morgue, in a lot of pain after the medical examiners began their autopsy. They realised something was wrong, when the man started to bleeding, they began to stitch him up quickly as the man started to moan in pain, as he was very much alive.

Image via Wikipedia

A teenager was declared dead on arrival and taken to the morgue. He suddenly woke up as a man in a white coat was coming toward him, in fear the teenager took a swing at the morgue attendant, shocking every one in the room to the realisation the teenager was alive.

A baby born 16 weeks prematurely was declared dead by doctors at a hospital in Paraguay, woke up at his wake, an hour before his funeral, letting out a cry to say he was alive.

How do doctors declare a person dead.

For generations of doctors, the two most significant signs of life are heartbeat, (and so pulse) and breathing. On the basis of that confirmed and persistent absence of these vital signs the person was to be declared dead.

Some factors may cause complications when doctors determine death. Patients who have hypothermia, or are drugged can appear dead, as it can be difficult to feel a pulse if the heartbeat is very slow. The size of the heart on a larger person could be hard to hear with with more fat and muscle between medical apparatus. These are just maybes and they still do not explain the sleep like state which these people seem to portray.

What is a sleep like state.

A coma is a profound state, of unconsciousness. A comatose person can not be awakened, and fails to respond normally to pain, or light and they do not have sleep-awake cycles, and can not perform voluntary actions. the person is still alive but the brain is functioning at its lowest stage of alertness. The word coma comes from the Greek word koma, and means deep sleep. The most widely used definition of a coma is a sleep like state, from which the individual can not be aroused. This may cause the medical professions to be misled.

These are just my thoughts on the subject! I would like to think these are miracles.


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