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Hidden Animals "cryptozoology"

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Cryptozoology literally means the study of hidden animals, and it is refers to the search for animals witch are considered to be legendary or otherwise non-existent by mainstream biology.

Cryptozoology has been criticised by scientists over the years because some cryptozoologists do not follow scientific methods, and appear not to be able to back up their story’s with hard facts. Most scientists believe that these hidden animals have unlikely to have ever existed and these legendary animals are a combination of folklore and hoaxes.

Scientists also believe some cryptozoologists can not devote a substantial portion of, their efforts to investigations of the animals they are trying to prove exist, such as the Loch ness monster, big foot, and the yeti.

Image via Wikipedia

But some were a long the line people that believed in these legendary myths and the animals involved in them could possibly exist, by listening to the stories surrounding them, and going in search of them we would never have found such animals such as.

The mega-mouth shark.

The mega mouth shark is an extremely rare species of deep-water shark since its discovery in 1979 only a few have been seen. There has been many stories with descriptions of this now known shark, and it was described as a monster.

The Okapi.

Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

The explorer Sir Harry Johnston set out to find this animal after finding a pelt to prove its existence. The Okapi resembles a zebra and is closely related to the giraffe, the Okapi was brought to life with a legend.

Just because something cant be seen it dose not mean it dose not exist. If these were unknown animals that now have been discovered why cant the legends of other animal myths turn out to be true?


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