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!!quickest!! Woodcutting Guide

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Runescape Woodcutting Guide

In this guide I will tell you all the tricks I know about this skill. NOTE: Amount of logs required to cut will change depending on which tree you cut, this is merely my recommendation.

If you’re doing this skill for the money

I would recommend cutting only oak logs until you get up to level 60 and then switch to cutting yews. If you’re doing this skill to get experience quickly, do not follow this guide. It’s nothing new that you get more experience from willows (67 exp per) than you do oak trees (37.5 exp per). However, oaks you are able to cut faster than willows for a variety of reasons (not as many people, and lower level to be able to cut them) and they sell for more in the GE.

Oak Logs- Sell for 63 gp each on the current market

Willow Logs- Sell for 10 gp each on the current market

AS SOON AS YOU REACH LEVEL 15, 20, 30, 40, I RECOMMEND PURCHASING A HIGHER HATCHET. If you do not have a high enough attack level to wield the hatchet, do not worry, just leave it in your pouch and you will still be able to use it.

LEVEL 15- Buy a steel hatchet

LEVEL 20- Buy a mithril hatchet

LEVEL 30– Buy a adamandite hatchet

LEVEL 40- Buy a runite hatchet

If you are wondering how many logs you must cut to get to the next level simply look on Runescape and where it shows Exp to Next Level: … Take that number and divide it by which tree you’re cutting.

EXAMPLE: If you have 15,000 exp until the next level and you are cutting Oak Trees, divide 15,000 by 37.5 and you’ll get 400. You’ll need to cut 400 oak logs to get to the next level.

·         Regular Tree – 25 Experience Per Log

·         Oak Tree – 37.5 Experience Per Log

·         Willow Tree – 67 Experience Per Log

·         Yew Tree – 175 Experience Per Log

I recommend cutting Oak trees all the way up to Yew because Willows are usually packed and you’ll gain more money by cutting Oaks than you will Willows.

Regular and Oak trees are located all across Runescape, and the best place I know of to cut Willow Trees are right next to the Draynor Bank. NOTE: The Willow trees next to Draynor Bank are usually pretty crowded unless you’re there late at night (Eastern Standard Time).

Locations of Yew Trees:

·         2 Trees behind Varrock Castle, 1 next to Varrock Church

·         3 Trees right outside of the South Gate of Falador

·         3 Trees in between Lumbridge and Draynor Village


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