Thursday, December 14

Noobs Only !! Money Making Guide!!!

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If you’re interested in making easy money on Runescape, you’ve come to the right place! There are guides all over the internet telling you to purchase this, do this, and sell for more. Well, I’m here to tell you that you do not have to purchase a thing to do this easy money hint on Runescape. All you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • Log onto any Bounty Hunter or Player vs Player World.

  • Put all of your equipment in your bank (that way you don’t risk losing anything).

  • Go into the wilderness and follow around the rangers.

  • Pick up all arrows on the ground as long as they’re at least mithril or adamant.

  • When you’ve picked up a decent amount of mithril or adamandite arrows log out of that world and head to any other world.

  • Go to the Grand Exchange and sell your arrows.

I told you it was easy, and takes absolutely no skill! To date, I’ve made close to 60k off of this simple method. I’ve left a small chart below to tell you the current prices of the following arrows:

  • Bronze Arrows- 9 gp each
  • Iron Arrows- 26 gp each
  • Steel Arrows- 55 gp each
  • Mithril Arrows- 60 gp each
  • Adamant Arrows- 197 gp each

As you can see from the chart above, Adamant Arrows are the big money makers out of this tip. Luckily for you, most pkers in BH and PvP worlds use either Mithril or Adamant Arrows in their pking.

Another easy way or making quick money, that requires no skill, but you get experience while doing so, is going North of Port Sarim to the farmhouse and kill chickens (level 1) and pick up the feathers that drop from them. Typically, you’ll receive anywhere between 5-15 feathers per chicken. You can then sell the feathers on the Grand Exchange for 14 gp each.

The feather tip I would only recommend for starter players as it is not a significant amount of money, unless you sell in bulks of 1000+. Even then, it’s nothing compared to what you’ll get from selling arrows.


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