Thursday, December 14

!! Ways To Make Pay Pal Money !!

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Hey all I’m here to talk about great pay pal giving sites


This site is fairly good and offers a good way of making pay pal

to make money on this site you look at adds and get 1cent per an add

their are usually 10 adds per a day

so 10cents a day now,

your probably thinking WHAT!!!!! THAT’S SO SLOW ONLY 70CENTS A WEEK

But there is also a really good thing on this site

it is that you can buy referrals!

which means that you get 1 cent for every add one of your referrals see

so if you buy 50 referrals you get $3.50 a week without doing a single thing!

now since your getting that money pretty soon you can buy another bunch of referrals

so 100 referrals means $7.00 a week so as you can probably see this means you will

be able to keep on buying referrals which means easy money!

2. Triond

Triond is a site which gives you money for writing articles

and then you get a certain amount for every time someone

views your article so with 1 article you will be getting about 10cents a month….

now that sounds very slow but really that’s only one article so if you put 10 articles in

that’s a $1 a month so that’s too bad so say if you write 1 article a day

for a month that’s about 30 articles

so $3 a month for your first month fairly bad

but if you do it again next month that’s $6 a month

so as you can probably see every month you add more money

so pretty soon you’ll be making a reasonable amount

and by the way 10cents is only how much i make

so you’ll probably be making 50cents per an article

well that’s all i have to say.


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