Thursday, December 14

Adbrite Ads Does Not Show up

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Is anyone encounter problem with adbrite?

I am writing this article because I been trying adbrite in my sites and I noticed that I have zero earnings then from time to time I checked my site the abrites ads doesn’t show up.

So some webmaster said that adbrite is okey but for me it does not show up although my Ecpm is high still I don’t have clicks.  If I have a choice a I will used google adsense too bad my application is not approved by adsense. My friends earn a couple of dollars a day with adsense because they have some contents on their website that is high ctr ads.

I don’t know why adbrite works for some websites but I researched online some complains said that adbrite does not show on their websites. So I don’t know what is wrong. So website or blogs they are showing adbrite ads but most of them don’t show ads. The only thing I see and they see is ads powered by adbrite. So do you think people will click adbrites ads. I am not against adbrite but I think if they want to increase their adbrite users they should put ads and also ads that are relevant to website content.

So right now I am looking for the best google adsense alternative, I wanted to the ads to be more relevant to my site content.  Il will consider Bidvertiser and chitika. But in Chitika the clicks is focus only to U.S and Canada.

Infolinks are doing good so far to my websites.  I got some clicks and some clicks are zero CTR. I will try to research more on how to know the high ctr of infolinks.

So if any of you encounter this problem please comment below.

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