Friday, December 15

Silly Bandz And Zanybandz Are Sweeping The Nation's Fashion

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Silly Bands, also called Zanybandz, bracelets are sweeping the nation. Kids everywhere are wearing these cool silicone bracelets up their arms. Some kids are wearing up to 50 of these at a time! It’s the latest and greatest fad.

This trend started in Birmingham, and has already captured the hearts of kids all across the south. These animal shaped silicone bracelets are adorable to see, and you can stretch them out and wear them on your wrist. When they are on your wrists, they look like funny looking colorful rubberbands. But the moment you take them off, they pop right back into their original animal shape.

And it’s not just animals that are getting the kids excited. These cool toys come in a wide variety of colors and styles. They are sold in packages focused on themes: the beach, cars, dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark, dogs, bugs, and bees. Some of these even glow in the dark or change colors. And, of course, the glitter ones will blow you away.

I’ve written an article called, 7 Cool Things About Silly Bandz. In this article, I discuss several neat things about Silly Bandz that you didn’t know. And if you haven’t heard about this new fashion, you are in for a surprise.


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