Monday, December 11

Boxing Rants: Scoop 'n Burn, Head Butts & Koncz

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If you took every boxing news seriously these days you’d probably end up in the madhouse.

Boxing sites that have “scooped” the supposedly done deal for the Pacquiao/Mayweather superfight have been left squirming in pure embarassment.

Er, that’s why there’s a gag order?  You know, to avoid having the media misused to exert pressure on either side?

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Manny Pacquiao protegé Bernabe Concepcion is a live underdog against Puerto Rican Juan Manuel “JuanMa” Lopez in their July 10, 2010 featherweight title bout.  He just has to start ripping combinations instead of waiting for one big shot.

JuanMa is a sharp boxer-puncher, if Abe goes in thinking one big punch can win the fight, he will be torn to shreds.

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With the way head butts are becoming a main weapon in boxing these days, they ought to do a sort of tournament involving the likes of Bernard Hopkins, Andre Ward, Rodel Mayol and Joshua Clottey.

No punching, only head butts allowed!

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has been training under Freddie Roach’s wings for John Duddy.  The fight is very much worth looking forward to, as not only will it be a guaranteed barnburner between two come-forward guys but also because of how Roach has influenced the son of Mexico’s most beloved fighter.

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Michael Koncz is the current hot topic these days with how he has been handling Filipino boxers fighting in the Americas.  He seems to enjoy the full confidence of Congressman Pacquiao as a trusted adviser, but will the recent news be able to affect that?

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