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How To Create Incredibly Effective Internet Ads!

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Tons of money is spent in online advertising by those hoping to boost their web traffic. Most advertisers end up disappointed by the results. This is mostly due to the ad creative itself. If the ad is not appealing
Enough to the scrolling browser, it will not get clicked. An ad that shouts “click me” does not have to be pretty or fancy, but it must:

– Grab the reader’s attention
– Spark some interest
– Create some desirability
– Get the reader to take action

Grab the reader’s attention

Graphics are nice but remember that only text sells! Attention grabbing is the hardest part of an ad. A large headline with specific information will grab more attention than a smaller, more generic headline. “Nike XYZ at 55% off, now only $29.95!” is more effective than “All shoes on sale!” “Make $5,000 per month” is certainly better than “Make Money at Home!” Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need any secret or magical words like: unique, exclusive, guaranteed, etc. Your headline should simply reveal exactly what you offer. Besides the headline, your ad needs to be well formatted and laid out. Try spreading it out so that no space is crammed with too much information or graphics.

Spark some interest

An interesting ad is one that shows a specific benefit and several features. Your product or service may provide several benefits, be sure to include the most important one in your ad. The benefit is most effective when above the features and below or next to the headline. Benefits should answer the question: “Why?”. All other questions about your products such as “When, where, how, how much?” should provide the features. Features are best presented in bullet form or as short individual phrases in text ads. A short list of 2-4 features is preferred over a longer list. Always remember that the ad’s purpose is to get the user to your website or store, not sell the product!

Create some desirability

At this stage your ad is close to getting the reader to take action. However, a little more is required to persuade them to click. Making your offer sound exclusive is a good way to spark desire. Your ad should convey
the message that your products or service are like nothing else on the Internet. Alternatively, you could include some kind of coupon or discount for clicking. Either way, your ad must include something to motivate the user and now!

Get the reader to take action

Desirability and getting the reader to take action are similar but not quite the same. You create desirability by including special incentives for clicking the ad. Getting the user to take action is achieved by including take action text within a button or as the last phrase in a textual ad. You could include phrases like: buy now, get started, download, learn more, etc. These phrases must always lead to what they say. If you said “download”, the landing page should be your product download. “Buy now” should lead to your “add to cart” page. There is nothing worse than creating effective ads for specific products that lead to your home page. The last thing you want is for this user to search your website up and down and not be able to find the product they were there to see!

Simple, static and to the point is usually more effective than animated and complex graphical ads. Individual product advertising is better, than attempting a generic “visit my store” ad. Anyone looking to buy the latest electronic widget is more likely to click your widget ad than to click your “visit my electronics warehouse”.


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