Thursday, December 14

To Do Good There is No Bad Time

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It is becoming a rare sight to come across someone with the very thought of doing well these days.

Day in and day out it is a rat race. Between work and home there is so much to attend to. It is becoming very rare to find people who actually do good deeds. Somewhere in the bottom of one’s heart there lies a wish to do a good activity. By the time it finds its way out of the subconscious mind to the conscious level the punch is lost. When something good needs to be done, one need not wait for a good time to do it. The more you delay the probability of doing it gets reduced. It gets diluted when it is discussed with many others as there will be different opinions. When we say good deed one need not restrict it to charity. Even walking down a visually challenged person across the street is a good activity. Speaking to a person who has a terminal disease for 30 minutes a week is a very good activity. To be more precise good deeds happen more or less instantaneously.

A good activity just needs to be done and the time will take care of itself.


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