Monday, December 11

Read More And Write Less

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All successful writers are readers first. It takes a wise person to understand the importance of reading extensively and intensively before beginning to write. The more you read the more informed you are.

Always let us accept while we are either sleeping or working in this part of the globe there are others who are writing. Even to write on a subject close to your heart it is always better to read others perspective on the same. In fact, you can quote other writers.

Unless one is well read one cannot deliver the goods through his writings. In case you wish to write for one hour a day you ideally should be reading for a minimum of four hours to assimilate the requisite information. By reading others articles you will get different perspectives and will understand different writing styles. You can also develop a unique writing style of your own.

Read on a wide range of subjects so you can relate to different things. Your reader will easily be able to connect when your language is simple and straight. Drive in your message early so that your reader gets interested and continues reading.

Ensure you read a lot more than you write. 


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