Saturday, December 16

The Books That Got Me Into Reading

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             Yes believe it or not. It was The Babysitters Club. I was seven or eight and I was in town with my grandmother, cousins, and sister. We had stopped and she let us kids look around this little store. I was looking through books. I found one of The Babysitters Club books and it just looked really cool. I had to have it and asked my grandmother. She said ok because it was only ten cents. I looked as hard as I could for any more and found two more. I took them home to read.

              I came to Richmond to live with my mother. I loved scary movies. I had been watching them sense I was little. I got my first library card when I was nine. I then found R.L. Stein books and it looked scary. I loved them, could not put them down. The Fear Street was so good. Next I discovered V.C. Andrews. Bigger books. Around 400 pages. Every one was surprise that I would read that many pages.

              This is a great thing to pass onto your kids. My son loves R.L. Stein books, as well. This is some thing we get to read together. Some times it’s really hard to get them to set and read a good book. If they find some thing let them read. Even if their teacher tells you it’s to much for them. If they are struggling to bad then yes change the book. But if their doing find with it. Let them read it. I say this because my son’s teacher had us stop reading a book because it was a higher grade. I still feel bad because I did stop him from reading it. The thing is he was doing great.


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