Friday, December 15

Have You The Courage to Chase Your Dreams?

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As children most of us are inspired by our parents.

Only after we grow a little older do we come across others who also inspire us. During the formative years most of the decisions regarding education and career are made by parents. Remember in school the elocution competition where we spoke about our ambition in life? We either said we wish to become a doctor, engineer or a lawyer. Slowly when we evolve we realize there are other interesting fields to choose from. For some of us this awakening happens a little too late. For those who are fortunate there is a likelihood of realigning the career path and focus on it. It is a myth that our education leads to our career. If we chase our dreams and work towards them we will be able to feel a sense of belonging. After working for years as Engineers we find people who quit their jobs and become sculptors or social workers. As engineers they have been reasonably successful but were not finding a sense of satisfaction. With this switch over they start enjoying their work and hence excel.

Believe in your dreams, chase them and achieve. There is no dream that is too big.


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