Tuesday, December 12

Ways to Design Your Own Summer Job

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Creating a summer job should not be hard. Even in a weaker economy, there is always a need for goods and services, especially during the summer months. One way is to post what you can do on various free sites on the Internet like Craigslist, using the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace to promote your skills for summer jobs. Not everybody is a computer expert, and therefore can not even do basic repairs, so computer repair is an option. Anything that you can offer as your own summer job can be posted on that wonderful invention known as the Internet.

You could create your own web-based business for probably just a little bit of money, offering products and services to the world (as your own summer job). It could turn into something much larger. Look at the ones who created “You Tube”…they sold it for over a billion dollars-a billion dollars! Just think about that. Wealthy ‘techno-geeks’ like Bill Gates originally started off with next to nothing…and you definitely don’t have to be a techno-geek. You could easily be ‘Joe and Jane Sixpack’ who got a sudden brainstorm that could be applied through the vastness of the Internet. But avoid ‘get rich quick schemes’ on the Internet at all costs. Scams are a dime a dozen on the Internet. Offer a good reliable service and the world will beat a path to your door.

Just use your imagination during the summer months. It doesn’t necessarily have to be another You Tube. But it could be enough to land you some serious cash during the summer, to get out and frolic at the beaches and parks, or travel on vacation. For college students, it’s a great idea that can earn some good dollars towards the fall semester, instead of necessarily enduring low-wage jobs that may barely pay the bills. Besides, offering an excellent, Internet-based business may end up looking very good on your resume for applying for better jobs. It shows innovation, analytical and management skills, a desire to get ahead, and a strong work ethic.

You certainly don’t have to create your own website: the online marketing and social networking sites should suffice. But if you want to create your own web-based site, you can use the social networking sites to promote that. If you don’t want the headaches of running such Internet-based operations, go to your local supermarket, community and senior centres to post advertising of your services for anything from babysitting, cutting hair, walking pets, mowing lawns and/or doing gardens, or whatever else you can think to offer-such services can be promoted on the Internet, as well.

A lot of people are working full-time (they need help with many tasks). There is also a rapidly growing population of past 65ers who may need help in some areas…and they are willing to pay good money for it. Band together with friends and share the profit in your summer jobs! You can apply other skills you may have in creating your own summer jobs, where you are the boss, and this is your business for your profits. Think and apply these skills. Who knows where they’ll take you. But always be polite, courteous and professional. It can only bring you more business…and cash!


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