Tuesday, December 12

American Idol Age Limit

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 Well, I’m surprised to see some things a show would do to the top and maintaining an audience. It seems American Idol, minus Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, seems to raise the bar to attract talent and get more viewers. It seems the show dropped the age limit down to 15 years old, down from the previous 16 to 28 years. I’m sure this will attract alot of young people who want to seek a career.

 This show will try and bring some young talent and maybe some good ratings to attract alot of viewers. Everyone will have to audition in whatever city in America. To those who make it, I do hope someone does become the next Kelly Clarkson, Rueben Stoddard, Clay Aiken, or Adam Lambert..

 Personally, I’m going too miss the original crew of Randy, Paula, and of course, Simon. I’m going to miss those guys alot. I don’t care about the current crew at all. So for those who will try to audition for American Idol, do your best and for those who don’t make it, don’t give up.

 So watch American Idol to see new younger and brighter talent. I hope everyone will watch this upcoming season and hopefully get a new American Idol. I do hope eveyone enjoyed this piece. 


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