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How To Start A Blog In 3 Simple Steps

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The Internet has given the information age a gigantic push. Anything and everything can be found on-line today. People crave information and endlessly search for more. Blogs are fairly new, but they provide exactly what people are looking for: Information!

In this article you will learn how to start your own blog site.

You will need:

a) Good knowledge of a particular subject
b) Some spare time
c) A blogging platform
d) A domain name (optional)

Getting started

Before you begin to create your own blog, you must first map out and organize your ideas. What will I write about? What am I an expert in? What will I not write about?

Step 1:

Choose a blog platform. Most blogging software products are free or reasonably priced. It is important that you choose a product suited to your audience and your writing style. Although most platforms offer similar features, some may be more suited to your blog than others.

Step 2:

Write 3-5 articles using your favorite word processor and read your work. Are your articles interesting? Unfortunately, not everyone is a gifted writer so this step is crucial to determine whether or not you should even consider this as a career path. Getting a second opinion from your spouse and family is a good measuring stick.

Step 3:

Edit, proofread and upload your initial article set. Tell everyone you know about your new website. Submit a new article every now and then, preferably on a daily basis. Building a following, marketing and monetization techniques are not your major concern at this stage of the game, concentrate on writing, the money will come later!

Finally, a personal blog site is most likely to be rewarding in terms of personal satisfaction more so than financially in the beginning. Writing and publishing your work for others to read and share will give you something productive to do with your spare time. Blogging is only recommended if you actually enjoy writing, otherwise, you may want to consider another line of work.


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