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Simple Resume Cover Letter – How to Make a Simple Cover Letter That Works

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Creating a simple resume cover letter is easy when you’re clear about what you want to sell to the reader.  At times we tend to ramble when we don’t know exactly what were selling about ourselves.  Focusing on just one or two things made it easier for me.  This is what I did to stay on point an make it simple and easy to read.

First, before I started writing a very simple resume cover letter I would take a few minutes to figure out what I wanted to focus on.  Was it going to be my experience on the field of work or was it going to be the knowledge I have about the company I’m applying to.  I usually learned as much as I could about the company from their website.  It can be a great place to pick up information, for now let say I decided to go with experience.  This step helped me to not just vomit on to the page, everything I thought the reader wanted to hear.

Second, when possible I would find out who the letter was going to and who I would be assisting if that was part of the hiring plan.  Why this?  Well If I knew I was going to have a position supporting someone I wanted to make sure my simple resume cover letter touched on my ability to work well in a team and my success as an assistant before, if I had past experience doing this.  If not I would keep it at team player and following direction accurately.

Last, I would put it all together and see how it looked.  To give my simple resume cover letter a tweak of professionalism I found it useful to compare it with the cover letter creator I have. Sometimes I start with the cover letter creator, after I decided what point I wanted to focus my letter on and just very easily plug into it what I wanted.  I would keep it short and simple not going over one page.  Even with all the great options from the program, less is more if you consider the interviewer is going over twenty resumes and cover letters.

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