How to look good wile you are exercising!

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Fall and winter weather can make it hard to go and play outside, so for many of us it’s time to get back to the gym. Or maybe it’s time to do a little shopping first. Do you know how to maintain the illusion of looking cool and calm while pushing hard to burn calories and tone muscles?
A good, comfortable fabric is one trend that won’t ever go out of style. While going high intensity on the stair master, a good fabric will work as hard as you do. Watch for fabrics that draw moisture away from your body to keep comfortable while you’re working.
Look for body-hugging clothes that allow you to move freely so that you can do those side kicks in Cardio Kick-Boxing class. Look for fabrics that have a little stretch and give in them like spandex and lycra. Flexible materials will let you maneuver well in your Pilates poses and won’t restrict your movements.
Color and style are just as important as the functionality of active wear – you won’t wear clothes you don’t feel good in. Having a great workout outfit or two can be another motivator to get you into the gym.
Black and white are always popular choices because they look good and mask sweat. To add a little variety and spice to your black and white wardrobe add some red and light green. Shorts and t-shirts are always going to be fashionable but this season hottest trend is cropped pants. You can have them loose or tight –it all depends on you comfort level.
Comfort is the name of the game, so look for absorbent, flexible clothes in dark colors and you will be styling while you tone. But remember the most important thing gym accessory is confidence. You are loved no matter what shape or size you are. Stay true to your character and don’t forget to reward yourself for a work out well done.


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