Tuesday, December 12

How to Grow a Container Garden For Small Spaces

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LOCATION:  Nearly all vegetables and some berries require a place with full sun, which is at least six hours of sun each day.  Tomatoes, squash and strawberries need as much sunlight as possible.  If you don’t have a spot fith full sun you can still grow root and leaf crops in containers such as lettuce, radish, beets and carrots.

CONTAINER CHOICE:  Almost anything tat will hold soil and drain water can be used.  The container needs to be large enough to give plant roots room to grow.  Most crops need soil at least 8-inches deep. 

Some ideas for containers include:  large wooden boxes, wooden barrels, metal or plastic tubs, and large clay or plastic pots.  Be creative!

Remember the smaller the container the quicker faster it will dry out.

SOIL:  Use good quality soil that provides good water penetration but also holds water well.  Nurseries and garden centers carry soil mixes that usually contain a combination of peat moss, sand, perlite or vermiculite.  To mix your own potting mix combine two parts potting soil, one part sand, and one part peat moss.

CONTAINER PLANTS:  The following plants grow well in containers:  beans, tomatoes, beets, carrots, cucumbers, all herbs, lettuce, peppers, peas and strawberries.


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