How to make stromboli.

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Step 1: Start by purchasing a packaged dough at the grocery store. I use a variety of doughs such as Pillsbury. They come in a cylinder and you can roll them out and fold them over easily.

If you have a good recipe for homemade rough feel free to use it.

Watch out for flavored dough just in case that is not what you had in mind. Flaovred dough may also be the way to go if you are making a specific type of Stromboli.

Step 2:  Roll out your dough. If you have the packaged kind that is already divided into seperate pieces, lay the pieces out flat on a greased piece of foil. Greasing the foil will keep your dough from sticking. My favorite baking lubricant is Pam or any off brand you might find at the store. These type of sprays have no calories!

Once you have your dough arranged, you can add anything! When adding ingredients only add them on 1 half of the dough (the other half will form the top of the Stromboli pouch). My favorite ingredients are things you would find on a pizza. You can add your sauce, any meat or vegetable products, and cheese. Also try making dessert or breakfast Stromboli.

Once you have added your ingredients, fold the other half of the dough over to make a little pouch. Press the edges down with your finger tips or a fork to close the pouch. Slit a small hole in the top for venting while they bake. Place your Stromboli on a greased piece of tin foil and place that foil on a baking sheet or just place the Stromboli directly on a sheet you trust not to burn them.

For added taste and nutrition, grease your baking dish with olive oil.

Step 3:  Follow the baking directions listed on the package of dough. Keep an eye on your Stromboli because ovens varry.

For extra flavor brush a thin layer of butter on the top of each Stromboli pouch. You can add garlic, fresh herbs, spices or Italian seasonings to your butter to add an extra bite!

Step 4:  To make much smaller appretizer sized Stromboli, cut your dough into smaller servings and fill as usual. Just watch them as they bake because the smaller they are the faster they will bake.

Stromboli is great for any get-together: football parties, birthday parties, work parties, wine tastings, summer barbecues, wedding showers, wedding receptions, baby showers, etc.

Tip:  Try heating up a little marinara or spaghetti sauce for dipping! Its best warm!


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