How to Choose the Perfect Makeup For Any Complexion

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The purpose of makeup is to enhance your skin and face, but with an abundance of shades to pick from, you can often end up with the wrong one or something that just doesn’t look quite right.

The solution: knowing your skin tone.

If you are Fair-complexioned, you have translucent, “see-through” skin, light hair and eyes. Fair skin has cool undertones, so your makeup colors should be cool as well.

For Foundations, look for shades with bluish undertones (Cosmetic names will give often give you a good indicator of color). Avoid foundations that are too yellow; they’ll make you look sallow (or jaundiced).

Your Eyes will look best with slate, soft brown, violet and dark blue shades. Using brown or black/brown mascara and liner will help define your eyes and add contrast. You can also darken and shape brows that are too pale with taupe shadow or pencil.

For Lips/Blush, pick shades of muted pink for cheeks. For lips, go with brown-based pinks for day and burgundy for night.

Do you have a Freckled complexion? Your skin is also fair, yet warm. The eyes are usually hazel or blue with flecks of gold. Your hair can range from a light strawberry-blond to auburn.

Your Foundations should be warm shades like “Soft Beige” or “Pale Gold” to offset any occasional ruddiness in your skin; DON’T use cool shades for this. Also consider tinted moisturizers that’ll showcase your freckles!

Your best Eye look will be in soft shades of taupe, mocha and camel. Complete this with dark-brown eyeliner and dark-brown mascara.

Soft bronze, chestnut and peach are your best Blush colors. Similar tones will also look great on your Lips. Also for lips, try burnt rose, soft bronze or golden copper.

Many people with an Olive complexion may also have brown hair and greenish eyes. The skin tones in this group can vary from light to dark, but the warm undertones of olive never vary.

The best Foundations for you are names like “Soft Bronze” and “Golden Beige“. DO NOT use rosy or blue-based shades-they’ll make your complexion look powdery.

Your best Eye look are rich, deep colors like walnut, toast, sienna and eggplant. Use black and dark-brown mascara and liner.

For Lips and Blush, go with warm red shades, cinammon and caramel.

Bear in mind that the lighter your skin tone, the lighter your blush and lip colors should be; the opposite is true for darker skin tones.

For those with a Cool Black complexion, your skin often will have a reddish undertone, with dark eyes and blue-black hair.

Look for Foundations with names like “Terra Cotta” or “Tawny“. AVOID golden shades; they won’t look natural on you.

You’ll look best in Eye shades of teal, violet, royal blue, blue-gray, eggplant and fuchsia. Mascara and liner colors are midnight-blue and very black.

Use strong, clear colors for Lips and Blush, such as burgundy, raisin and other blue-based reds. Your face will look vibrant and glowing!

If you’re a Warm Black, you’ll often have skin and hair color that ranges from warm brown to amber. And you’ll ALWAYS have warm, golden undertones.

What you want are Foundation names like “Sienna” or “Warm Amber“. DO NOT use shades with too much red in them; they’ll clash with your golden undertones (You may turn out looking orange!).

Your Eyes will look wonderful in shades of bronze, gold, red bronze, mahogany and sea-green. Use black mascara and liner.

For stunning Lips and Blush, pick rich, warm brown shades like mocha, teak and cinnamon. Also use golden reds such as coral, sienna and scarlet.

Do you think you’re a Medium? People with Medium skin typically have hazel-green or brown eyes, brown or golden-blond hair, and have warm, honey-colored undertones.

Your best Foundations are names like “Soft Suntan” or Honey Beige“. AVOID foundations that are excessively yellow.

Your Eyes will sparkle in dark gold, pewter green, terra cotta, mushroom and warm brown tones. Use dark-brown or soft black mascara and liner.

Your Lips and Blush should be suntan, sienna, cinnamon and bronzy shades of copper.

Asian skin tones can vary from pale and ivory to skin that’s a soft golden tan (usually with blue-black hair and dark eyes). For golden tan tones, warm colors will suit you, while the lighter tones will be flattered by cool colors.

The best Foundations for golden complexions are names like “Warm Beige“, “Soft Ivory” for paler skin. DO NOT use foundation with a lot of pink in it; you won’t look natural.

For Eyes, copper, gold, apricot, and shades of pale yellow and light and dark lilac will work well on you. Use jet-black liner and mascara.

The best Lips look for you are in brown or red shades with yellow undertones. Use terra cotta or soft brown for the Blush.

Here are a few extra tips:

A color corrector or a Primer, worn under foundation can camouflage imperfections. A green primer can correct ruddiness and take redness out of pimples. Drab skin can be brightened with a peach primer. A yellow-based one can minimize the purple hue of undereye circles.

Remember, when it comes to makeup, less is more. Too much concealer will emphasize dark circles. Use foundation sparingly; too much will make fine lines more noticeable. Don’t glop on mascara.

If you’re not sure which skin tone you are, remove all makeup and examine your skin in a mirror in natural light. Now hold a piece of white paper next to your skin. If it looks yellow, your tone is warm (medium, olive, freckled or warm black). If your skin has a rosy tone, you’re cool (fair complexion or cool black).


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