Publish your own poetry!

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Write something! Go with whatever inspires you. Keep a journal or notepad with you so you can write down any ideas that pop into your head.

Do some research and educate yourself on the different styles of writing.

Next, go to This is a poetry community that allows you to submit all of your orginal work. Along with allowing your poetry to be accessed by anyone on the internet, you will also be submited in several poetry contests. Some of these contests will allow your work to be published in beautiful coffee table editions. These editions are printed several times a year and tend to be focued on one specific subject. Along with being published, your poem is automatically copyrighted! You may also win specifc awards, such as the Editor’s Choice Award.

Also, you will be entered into weekly, monthly, and yearly poetry contests where you could earn a lot of money for just being creative!

Along with publishing a single poem, there are links on the website for you to publish your own poetry book.

Good luck and happy writing!!!


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