How to prevent or reduce shave rash.

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Step 1:  Water must be involved!

We all know that our skin performs better under a razor when that skin is moistened. Whether you are in the shower, bath, or standing at the sink, make sure you have access to water.

Step 2:  The secret to this preventative step is something we all have around the house for cuts and scrapes! Neosporin!

Neosporin will create a nice layer of lubricant between your skin and your razor. Of course water will not mix with neosporin, but I have found it easier to use after the skin is wet. The neopsorin is easier to spread.

Step 3:  Nesporin is essential for the most private of shaved areas. Apply an even layer of neosporin to your pubic area and shave as usual. The only tricky thing is to keep your razor clean. Instead of trying to wipe the blade off with your finger tips, use a washcloth. The neosporin will be a little difficult to wash off your skin, but it can be easily wiped off with a warm wash cloth.

Obviously using neosporin all over your legs might be somewhat time consuming, but it can be used for your problem areas. I use it the most on my knees and around my ankles.

Step 4:  If you have already shaved and you notice those little red bumps appearing, apply a thin layer of neopsorin to the affected area.


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