Wednesday, December 13

Iced Tea – A Long Cool Drink And Its Good For You Too

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 Everyone seems to enjoy iced tea whether they are young or old, and it is relatively inexpensive as drinks go. Many people drink ice tea straight as it comes, but others prefer to have the flavored types.

Tea goes back thousands of years and originated in China, then becoming popular in places such as Japan, Africa, Peru and eventually came to the UK then on to US. There are people in the US that actually drink the tea hot as they do in UK. The majority of US people tend to have their iced tea at home or in restaurants and they also serve it in many different ways.

As most people know, there are many different kinds of hot tea, but iced tea is prepared by using ordinary tea bags that you can buy in virtually any food store. There are numerous companies that produce iced tea bags and you can buy them caffeinated or decaffeinated also the drink can be bought in bottles and cans. Iced tea can be drunk in a variety of ways including sweet, original, with lemon and there are many other flavors. There are manufacturers of iced tea that make their product using green tea; you can even buy tea flavored drinks which you can mix into bottled water.

When making iced tea you should use quite a few tea bags in a coffee pot or in a pan of boiling water, and let it stand for up to ten minutes. You can then put the tea into a pitcher and add water, hot or cold, at the same time add any flavorings you prefer. Leave until cool and then put in the fridge for quite a few hours. As a rule iced tea is served by half filling a glass with ice, then adding any fruit or sweetness that you prefer, there are also many different flavorings you can add, and after you have done all this, you can now enjoy a nice long cool drink.

Apart from being a very pleasant drink and virtually no calories, tea is very beneficial because it contains antioxidants which are great for boosting your immune system. Two of these teas in particular are especially effective in fighting off many illnesses, and they are green tea and chamomile tea.  


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