Thursday, December 14

The Financial Mathematics And Jobs Technology

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The acceleration of economic globalization has altered the world stage. Knowledge of financial mathematics has brought many benefits for companies to make decisions in their areas. With the help of computer people began to work with a greater volume of data and at the same time, gain skills with computer resources.

The area provides the financial means to make flexible and accurate investment decisions and indicates the appropriate time and more advantageous to make them. Financial actors have to engage with the changes that occur constantly in the field of finance. They need to be aware of everything that happens inside and outside the company.

Theirs is the responsibility of maintaining the health of the organization to maximize shareholder wealth, minimize risk, and tackle other factors that occur and contribute positively or negatively to the success of the work in the company.

In this environment are seen as decisions: whether to invest, raise capital or not, funding costs, spot sales or over time, demand for certain product costs, increase sales, purchases of raw materials to the spot or forward, inventory level, timing of purchases, sales period, the need for working capital, debt levels, third party resources, equipment purchases, time to replace machinery, the future trend of interest rates, anticipated inflation, the price behavior of actions, finally are numerous issues that occur at any time and need to be resolved.

The above demonstrates the necessity of using technology as an indispensable means of support to carry out all calculations necessary for decision making, without which a firm no longer survives.

Thanks to advancing technology, there are some systems of practical use, however, are present both in micro, small, medium and large enterprises, financial calculators, and especially spreadsheets, more properly the worksheet “Microsoft Excel”.

The technological capabilities streamline decisions, seeking to beat the market. The financial calculators increasingly sophisticated allow the creation and implementation of programs that facilitate work. There are some calculators available as the computer.

The specific software facilitates planning, budgeting and cash flows, involving financial calculations. However, financial spreadsheets are used broadly in the financial environment, bringing so many resources, who can say they are little explored in the face of everything they offer


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