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Jack The Ripper

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In Whitechapel, London, England, 1888, there was a notorious and particularly gruesome serial killer who was given the name of Jack the Ripper and was never caught. The name actually came from a person who claimed that they were responsible for the horrific killings.

The murdered women were prostitutes and many of them had their throats cut before being horribly mutilated. The police and others had their suspicions that the murderer had some kind of expert medical knowledge because, a few of the bodies had their internal organs removed.

For obvious reasons the press of the day were giving intense coverage of these horrific murders and Jack the Ripper, and at the same time, writing about the police and their inability to apprehend the killer. The murderer’s identity is still unknown, despite all the detailed documentation about the murders. Since the time of the murders there have been many ideas put forward, of whom Jack the Ripper really was. These theories over the years have never been proved and each time someone decides to re investigate the murders, it makes the name of Jack the Ripper even more intriguing.

The majority of the killings which were blamed on Jack the Ripper, happened towards the end of 1888, but the gruesome murders continued for approximately three years. Some of the killings were especially horrific including the removal of the internal material from the eyes. There was some talk about the murders being related, and when the authorities were sent some worrying letters from someone claiming to be the serial killer, this reinforced their original thoughts. Apparently one of the letters was accompanied by a human kidney. Gradually most people had the belief that the terrible killings were done by only one person.

The serial killer was given the name Jack the Ripper, which comes from a signature on a postcard received by the authorities. Despite the police and other officials not being able to relate the murders of 1888 to the killings that came later on, the fascination with Jack the Ripper continued. In all there were eleven killings spreading over a three year period and was named the whitechapel murders by the police. Although there were eleven killings, it is widely accepted that only five were committed by the same person. 

 Even today experts are still not, one hundred percent certain how many murders were actually committed by one person. These same experts have indicated some specific details in which the murderer operates on the bodies and these details are particular only to Jack the Ripper.



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