Where to Arrange Shuttle Service at Newark Airport in New Jersey

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From the three major airports to New York City (Newark, LaGuardia and JFK) it is easy to get into Manhattan. There is a Ground Transportation Desk at each airport. At Newark it is downstairs, close to the British Airways check-in in Terminal B. Check in the other terminals (A & C) for its location. Look for the Ground Transportation Desk sign. It is always close to the baggage claim and downstairs. This desk can help you in many ways and the service is free of charge. From Newark you can take a Super Shuttle, which can be arranged in advance over the telephone or online. Super Shuttle will take you right to the door of where you are staying. Super Shuttle, as in many American cities, is very reliable. The airport desk will tell you where to go to catch the shuttle once you arrive and have your baggage. The other easy way to get into the city is via Olympia Airport Express buses.

Newark Airport is in New Jersey, about sixteen miles from Manhattan, but in many ways it’s easier to reach than JFK. The Ground Transportation Desk is open 24 hours a day. Since a taxi ride into Manhattan can cost over fifty dollars (plus tolls and tips), almost any other way to travel is cheaper. Olympia Trail buses (and I take these most often) can take about forty minutes to reach Port Authority Bus terminal. They also go to and from Grand Central Terminal (41st Street between Park and Lexington). They cost about fourteen dollars (less for seniors and children) one-way for the trip and leave every fifteen or twenty minutes, but not as frequently in the middle of the night. You can also take the AirTrain at Newark, which connects you with NJ Transit, or Amtrak trains to New York Penn Station. This is about a forty-minute trip and costs twelve dollars on NJ Transit but over thirty dollars if you get on Amtrak. The Super Shuttle costs between thirteen and twenty-two dollars depending on where they are taking you. I have found them to be more reliable picking me up and taking me to Newark, than picking me up from Newark. Therefore, I usually take the Olympic Trails bus and I have never had any problem with them. If you have a lot of luggage, then Super Shuttle is the best way to go. Also if you are not staying in the Times Square area, you will still have to take a subway or taxi once you reach Port Authority. For convenience, Super Shuttle is the best.

Super Shuttle will take you anywhere in Manhattan and can be reached at (212) BLUE VAN or (212) 209-7000 or (800) 358-5826. Online they are at www.supershuttle.com.

Please allow extra time if you are taking one from Manhattan since they will be picking up other passengers. Olympia Express is at (212) 964-6233 or online at www.olympiabus.com. These are really your only two options, unless you want to call a car service. The one I use all the time and recommend is Dial 7 at (212) 777-7777. The trip will cost you well over fifty dollars, but you will ride in style and comfort. Do not be tempted to take anything offered by people standing around in the airport offering rides at cheap prices. It is illegal and these people are not licensed or insured. Be safe and use the Ground Transportation Desk. They are there to help you with your problems and make your journey into Manhattan easier


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