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Vincent Van Gogh – A Brief Insight Into His Life

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Van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853 and died 29 July 1890. He was a Dutch Post Impressionist artist and many of works of art are the most sought after paintings in the world, also, his paintings tend to sell for phenomenal amounts of money.

Van Gogh worked for an art dealer early in his life, and then he did a short time as a teacher and even had a go at being a missionary worker. It wasn’t until he was twenty seven years of age that he took his painting seriously enough to turn it into a career.

In the beginning Van Gogh preferred only to use sombre colors in his work, before he discovered impressionism when in Paris. When he saw the bright colors that the impressionist painters were using he decided to include those colors and style in his paintings. This was to be the new and totally individual style of painting, and Van Gogh’s new style was perfected whilst at Arles in France.

Van Gogh has over 2,000 pieces of art to his name, with approximately 900 paintings to his credit and 1,100 sketches and drawings. This is quite impressive considering he turned out all this work in the last ten years of his life. The majority of his most famous works were done during the last two years of his life. These last two years were to bring Van Gogh many episodes of mental trauma which eventually brought on his suicide.  

Probably the most important person in the whole of Van Gogh’s life was his dependable brother Theo, who was always there for him whether it was financially or purely friendship. Van Gogh led the way in the movement called Expressionism and his affect on 20th century art was phenomenal, particularly concerning the Fauves and also the Expressionists in Germany.

Whether you are an art lover or not you will probably have been told about Van Gogh cutting his ear off, but it was actually his ear lobe of the left ear. Some experts say it happened while he was having a seizure, others say it occurred whilst having a fight.

Most of the information regarding Van Gogh’s life and works has been taken from the letters written by himself to his brother, Theo. There are over 640 letters which were written between Vincent and Theo, which are still in existence today.   


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