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Motorola Driod X

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One of the best smartphone is coming in the market; I am very much excited to see that phone called “Motorola Driod X”. It is also called a mega-smart phone or the super phone. I am not sure how many of you like Motorola Cell phones but I am pretty sure after seeing ‘Motorola Droid X’ you will also be mad like to get this phone.

  • I liked the overall phone design and structure.

  • Size of the phone is little bigger than any other smart phones but it is not heavy at all,

  • It does not feel bulky when I keep in into my pocket and easily fit it into it without any extra effort which is one of the best characteristics of the phone. I don’t prefer to have heavy/bulky phones and I think no one would like to have such phones.

Phone should be light weight and it should be easy to carry and ‘Motorola Droid X’ is the perfect phone with all the above mentioned qualities.

It has a sterling look

Well if the phone does not have good features, design and also it is not attractive then I don’t think anyone will buy it. Phone design and its structure have also very much importance we any phone manufacturer tries to sell the phone and when user buys the phone.

I myself give very much importance to the design of the phone and if you look at the ‘Motorola Droid X’;

  • It has a great design. Strip around the body increases the glossiness of the phone.

  • 4 inches wide display screen of type ‘TFT’, very crystal clear screen quality.

  • Having resolution of 480 x 854 which I think reasonably good resolution for a quality display.

  • 160 grams of weight. So now you are convinced finally that its weight is very less as compare to its size.

I don’t like phone having antenna outside of it. I remember that in some of the sony/Lg phones have antenna outside of the phone body and that is not at all comfortable when we have to carry phone in the pocket.

  • Color of the ‘Motorola Droid X’ is very similar to the Black color. Many people do not like black color and I feel sorry about them. They do not have any other color choice if they are planning to have ‘Motorola Droid X’ phone.

  • It has a screen touch display, big virtual keyboard is available and physical keyboard is also available under the sliding.

I know many people do not like sliding phones but I don’t think there will be any problem with it because those who do not like sliding phone can directly use their virtual keyboard for typing. All the keys available on physical keyboard are also available on the virtual keyboard; Have fun.

Memory storage is good, camera & Operating System is also amazing

  • Motorola Driod X comes with 16 GB pre-installed microSD memory card, so here you save again some money for purchasing extra memory card. If you still think that 16 GB is less, no problem – in Motorola Droid X has extra provision of 32 GB external microSD memory card. Isn’t amazing?

  • Motorola Droid X comes with lots of preloaded wallpapers to decorate your display screen background, not just preloaded but you can download your own favorite wallpapers from internet also.

  • It supports only CDMA and this is the only thing I don’t like about ‘Motorola Droid X’. Why they have not built phone such that it can support all other protocol? Well if they are planning to launch same phone in India or any other country where GSM is most preferable then no one will buy thins phone. I think they have to launch GSM phones in such countries.

  • Motorola Droid X has a camera with 5 Megapixels and 4X digital zoom. My expectation was more about Camera and Zoom but that’s fine, using this camera you can still be able capture good quality pictures.

  • One very good thing about this phone is the operating system. It has the ANDROID 2.0 OS from Google. Android 2.2 is also I think available in the market which has good performance than 2.0 version but again I think user can easily upgrade their old Android version with 2.2 version.

This phone has all advanced features for communication & plenty of good, useful apps from Google

Smart phone without Internet access is useless. Smart phone should have all the latest technologies available in the market; those technologies can be used for internet access or for communication between the other devices.

  • ‘Motorola Droid X’ has Webkit HTML5 web browser, Bluetooth technology and a Wi-Fi.

If one phone has all of these features/technologies then user will be very happy to have phone like ‘Droid X’.

Phone without speakerphone is useless. Speakerphone helps in many ways. You can speak while driving the car or doing some other personal work and ‘Motorola Driod X’ has it.

It has built-in Maps and GPS from Google. There are many such Google services/apps are available in this phone and some of them are – Gmail, Google Maps, Navigation, Search and GTalk (Google Talk) etc.

Picture and video quality of this Phone is amazing, also it supports almost all kinds of music file format

I don’t think anyone will buy phone which does have or support applications for playing Music or Games. Droid X has all the necessary technologies/apps for playing music and games. Music without phone is nothing.

It has a DVD quality Video (720 x 480 resolutions). You can capture a very good quality video using this phone.

23rd June 2010, Motorola will be announcing ‘Next Generation’ Phone ‘Droid X’. I am waiting for that day and I hope you all are also waiting to grab ‘Motorola Droid X’ phone.


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