Fine Motor Skills – Prepare for School

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Here are some suggestions for developing fine motor skills in preparation for school.

Matching and pasting
Self-care Skills
Tracing and colouring
Pre-writing patterns
Finger tracing and painting


Scissorcraft has plenty of cutting activities for preschoolers, including pumpkins, snowflakes and dragons!

Matching and Pasting

Why not take some close up (head and torso) photos of family members.  Cut the photos at the neck and mix them up.  Get your child to match the heads with the bodies and stick onto a piece of card.  Make it more difficult by cutting into several different body parts.

Self-Care Skills

Practise doing daily activities independently, like brushing teeth and washing hands.  Try buying a book on the different aspects of self-care.

Tracing and Colouring

There are loads of websites where you can print off pictures to colour in.  Here is a good place to start.

Pre-writing Patterns

You can buy workbooks for this, but it’s just as easy to draw patterns, shapes and letters yourself and have your preschooler copy them.


An activity book is probably the best option.

Finger Tracing and Painting

Finger painting is great fun, make your own paint, it’s safe if they decide to put their fingers in their mouths.


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