Friday, December 15

Iron in Your Diet is Vital to Having a Healthy Body

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Women In particular tend to be more susceptible to the effects of having an iron deficiency because of their obvious different biological make up. Many people, including both men and women, do not get the recommended daily amount of iron in their diet, and therefore they have all kinds of problems with their health, which normally, can be rectified in the minor cases purely by including more iron in your diet. But if a case is more serious it could mean more complicated therapy to get your body back to normal.

There are also certain times or events in our lives when we might be deficient in iron. Some reasons for your body to be low in iron could be if you are on a diet, a vegan or a vegetarian and you are not eating the correct foods that would give you your daily iron requirement. Women who are pregnant have been known to be low in iron and also if for some reason a person loses some blood this too will possibly make them low in iron.

The best and most natural way to get iron in your diet is by eating the foods that are known to contain reasonably high levels of iron. Some of the best animal sources of iron are, sardines, beef steak, boiled eggs and roast lamb. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, other good sources would be from broccoli, potato, baked beans and white wine. Also, most dark green vegetables are a good choice for obtaining iron. By eating more vitamin C, could probably help your body to get more iron from the food you eat. So, eat more foods that contain good amounts of vitamin C, for example, oranges, strawberries, red and green bell peppers and tomatoes’.

If you have to eat snacks choose dried fruit such as apricots, dates, peaches and raisins. There are also many cereals that are fortified with iron and other vitamins and minerals, so begin your day with a bowl of cereal, some whole grain bread and a glass of pure orange juice. Try to have your cup of tea between your meals because as you most probably already know, it contains tannin and this prevents our bodies from absorbing the iron from our food. It might be worth trying some green tea or any other herbal tea. I hope the above paragraphs have helped you to understand the importance of iron in your diet.


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