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Holiday in Madeira – Funchal is The Best Holiday Destination on This Beautiful Island

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The island is an ideal holiday destination for all ages, but especially suitable for the middle aged or elderly people. Being in the Atlantic Ocean and only a few hours flying time away, makes it very handy for Europe, but is still relatively easy to get to from most other countries. It is a beautiful island, very green and there are many stunning flowers and shrubs.  

A holiday in Madeira is slightly different from many other island holidays, because of its relatively peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, the Madeiran people are on the whole very pleasant and the climate doesn’t vary that much throughout the whole year, and would make it an ideal destination in the winter. When I had a holiday in Madeira a couple of years ago, my wife and I stayed some lovely apartments called “Vivenda Avista Navios Apartments”.

The apartments were about a twenty minute walk from the sea front, but we didn’t find that a problem. It is a small friendly low level block of apartments with fantastic sea and mountain views. There is plenty to see and do when on holiday in Madeira, including Nuns Valley, the Cable car, island excursions, and many more. When we were there I think it was about April time, and the local people had their flower festival, it seemed like every where we went there were flowers, even on the pavements and down the middle of the streets.

Every family in the area seemed to have their own individual design of flowers laid out on the ground, and it all finished on the last day with a beautiful carnival. One night we went to see a show at one of the casinos on the front and we really enjoyed it. There are many restaurants and bars, and we found them to be very good; we especially liked the old town area because it had a nicer atmosphere. We used to walk into town in the evening and get a taxi home late in the evening.

The cable car is worth a trip, it will take you up the mountain to the beautiful gardens at the top. You can either come back down in the cable car, in a toboggan or catch a bus, we went up twice, once by cable car and once by bus and  personally I found the bus ride more exciting going up. If you do decide to have a holiday in Madeira, Funchal for me is ten times better than any other resort on the Island. It has everything, you have the old town area, the new town with its great modern shops, there is the harbor with all the cruise liners coming and going.

There is no shortage of activities whatever your age, especially on the water. The cost of everything I suppose is a bit cheaper than Spain, but like Spain you tend to get a little bit more for your money than you would in Europe, drinks or food. My wife and I enjoyed our stay in Funchal and would definitely return, and would even stay at the same apartments. So we would thoroughly recommend a holiday in Madeira.


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