Worshipping During The Holidays

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With so many churches to choose from how do you decide which one to attend? It can be very difficult with many things to consider, especially around the holidays. We want to be part of a community of other believers to celebrate the birth of Jesus but we just aren’t sure where to go. I’ve listed a few things to look for and also a number of churches that are in the area of Virginia to choose from. It will act as a guide in helping one find a church to attend if they haven’t already a church of their own.

1.       Denomination-There are so many different religions; Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Mormon, and Protestant to name a few. What type should you go to? You should attend a church that lines up with your beliefs. If you are a Christian then it isn’t a good idea to attend a church where they don’t believe in Jesus. It goes against what you believe in therefore it really wouldn’t be a benefit to you when attending.

2.       Service times-With schedules being so busy it’s hard to attend church some times. Finding a church that has multiple service times is more convenient than having only one service time to attend. However, around the holidays such as Christmas many churches only offer the one service; which is on Christmas Eve.

3.       Location-Depending on the size of your city, there could be hundreds of churches in the area. Finding a house of worship that is close to your home or a neutral location would benefit families where both parents work and they have children. Some businesses work on Christmas Eve and if this is the case, time is short when 5:00pm comes and traffic is a nightmare. It’s easier to find a church that isn’t too far from home or work so you attend the service and make it there on time.

4.       Attire- Although some families enjoy getting dressed up, others either don’t have the time to do so or money doesn’t allow it. Finding a church that doesn’t mind what you wear is usually good. Some churches are really laid back with their dress code. But some expect you to dress up so it’s good to find a place that you can come as you are in case you’re short on time.

With running to stores, wrapping gifts, and sending out Christmas cards, finding a place to worship should be just as important. Before Christmas Eve comes have a plan so that you’ll be able to attend a church that is right for you.


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