Tips on How To Save Money on Holiday Travel

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With the holidays among us many people want to travel. This includes both stateside and abroad. However, in today’s economy funds may not be available. Here are some tips on how to travel this holiday season without breaking the bank.

1.       Flexibility-Everyone wants to be with their loved ones on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. However traveling within the days prior can be so expensive that you can’t even get to your destination without draining your wallet. If you are flexible with your travel schedule you can get fares that are next to nothing. Because airlines want to fill their seats they will hold off until the last minute and offer those tickets for almost a third off the regular ticketing price. This is a sacrifice and traveling on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years day may not be the ideal but it really will save the pennies.

2.       Accommodations-For those travelers that also need lodging and transportation in their destination city. They can find bundle packages. Instead of just booking an airline ticket you can also bundle in car rental and hotel amenities and save money. However, bargains can also be found if you contact the actual hotel desk clerk instead of calling the 800 number. The hotel desk clerk may be able to negotiate with you and save money on lodging.

3.       Cruising-Some people save all year in order to afford a cruise ship vacation. Many like to take their cruise in the summer time. But if you wait until the winter months you can save hundreds off the cost of the package. While watching television I saw that you could go on a cruise vacation starting in Florida going into the Caribbean for $200.00. Sure you’ll have to make arrangements to get into Florida if you aren’t a local resident; but it’s well worth it if you can save hundreds of dollars.

4.       Utilizing Vacation Web Sites-When doing my own research for an airline ticket I went directly through the airline. But what I found was if I used a negotiating website such as; you could save at least $50.00 off what you would pay if going through the airline itself. In addition to these sites you can also find discounts at Side Step, Cheap Tickets, Orbitz, Expedia, Low Fares, Booking Buddy, Cheapo Air, and One Travel. They can also bundle your travel needs to include, room, air, and transportation.

5.       Booking On-line-Since we are short on time using the internet is more convenient. Especially when it comes to the holiday. However, it can be confusing. Our first instinct is to contact a representative of the airlines through the 800 number; but the airline now charges a ticketing fee just to have them arrange your flight. If you aren’t computer savvy, have someone who is book your travel plans on-line to avoid the ticketing fees.

6.       Educational Web Sites-On the internet there are companies that hold seminars that will actually teach you how to make travel arrangements that fit your budget. Or if you prefer to have someone do it for you travel agent companies are still available to help you with all of your travel needs.

7.       Road trips-This may not be ideal for the couple that has little ones but it will save you some money. You can cut down the cost by taking an old fashion road trip. Depending on the distance of your trip this may also be a benefit.

Not only during the year but especially during the holidays consumers want to find the best deals. Consider using one of these methods this holiday season and with the money saved you can increase the weight of your piggy bank.


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