Friday, December 15

How to Hold a Scout "bridging" or "fly Up" Ceremony

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You can hold a bridging or fly up ceremony at any point before the new membership year starts. I usually choose to hold ours just before summer begins at the close of the school year.

There are several factors to consider in planning your bridging ceremony. Depending on the level of scouts you have, they may be required to help prepare and plan their own ceremony. You can always offer input and suggestions, but as the girls get older they will be doing more for themselves.

Planning factors like where to hold it, who’s invited, what supplies are needed and how the ceremony will go – are all things the girls can be involved with. Then the actual preparation for the ceremony begins! The girls can also get involved with things like making the invitations, shopping for snacks and practicing the ceremony.

It’s important that they are aware of what handbook guidelines require of them. They may be required to attend a meeting with an older troop to find out what’s involved in the next level they are moving up to. They may also need to actually work on an upper level activity. Another requirement may be for them to plan and hold a summer meeting / activity before having the bridging ceremony.

Make sure they have input in how they want the ceremony to go. A big part of Girl Scouting is nurturing the girls’ responsibility and independence.

The most important tip for holding a bridging / fly up ceremony, is to make sure the girls are recognized for their achievement of finishing a year of Girl Scouts, and to have fun so they want to re-register for next year!


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