Thursday, December 14

Top 5 Romantic Comedy Anime

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Hi there, I am presenting my top ten list of romantic animes. This list contains my opinions fans, so don’t be offensive if your favorite anime is not here. Anyway, enjoy and give these animes a try if you haven’t seen them already.

5. Ranma ½ – It is one of the greatest funny animes regarding martial arts. This anime is full of slapstick jokes and hilarious romantic scenes.

Ranma ½ is a sequel to Ranma anime. The plot is about a boy, named Ranma who is like a gem in martial arts. One day while traveling to China, he falls into a cursed spring. Now, when he comes in contact with cold water, he turns into a girl and when he is treated with hot water, he turns back into his original form, i.e. a boy.

4. School Rumble – Alright, you guys must see this anime. Filled with lots of cute stuff, jokes, pretty ladies and romance.

I came across this anime while I was just going through YouTube regarding funny anime. A clip of this anime popped out where our pretty girl (there are lots of them) gets motivated by a TV show and starts to confess her love in a very unique but weird way (shooting an arrow next to him with a piece of paper bound on it). I just kept laughing when her boy went in a Bank and it was suddenly captured by some goons and she comes barging in the bank having that bow and arrow and all goons just surrender themselves. Pretty hilarious, no? If no! Then you got to watch it.

3. Ai Yori Aoshi – This anime is categorized under romance and harem. But let me clear you that if you think that it’s gonna be like other harem animes then you are absolutely wrong. This anime takes a very soft plot and blends romance and harem in such a way that you won’t feel like you are watching a harem anime (if you are offended by them). You’ll love it as if it is a pure romantic anime.

So don’t make up your mind to anything bad by hearing the word ‘Harem’. This anime is beautiful and pretty.

The story is about two childhood friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time, and I mean really long time. They happen to fall in love once they meet. But of course, no one is courageous enough to except it. The anime features some exciting scenes where you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself saying, ‘come on! Just say it!’

2. Chobits – Another great romantic anime. This anime is funny as well as lovely at the same time. The story surrounds a girl who is more like a robot than a being. She needs to learn how to live in Tokyo and how to understand people’s feelings. There are some very funny scenes in it which are cute at the same time.

Some of the romantic scenes with the sunset and golden sky will make you remember your own days of love. So I would highly recommend this anime. Go and get it, it won’t bite you know!

1. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! – This anime is full of fun and slapstick jokes. The humor is spell binding when our guy, Sauske Sagara deals with every problem in his own military way and Kaname Chidori has to knock his senses out.

This anime is created just add some fun in the serious story of Full Metal Panic. Romantic scenes are irresistible in this anime; you’ll love the relationship between these two. They don’t speak that they love each other but their actions do.


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