Monday, December 11

May The Road Rise to Meet You

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If given the choice to follow which road to traverse, most of us will surely choose the highways probably because they are built to the highest construction standards, they are high-speed roads that connect to major cities, they are much wider with two or more lanes, and they could take us fast to our destination.

In life, most of us also would probably choose the ‘highways’ – no hardships, no rest, no adversities. Destination is just an arm’s reach away. Who would not want to travel easy and fast anyway? BUT do we know of our destination, are we prepared adequately to what lies ahead of us, and can we cope up with the challenges when we reach our destination?

Traveling on the rural roads of our life, where design standards are relatively low, could not help us reach our destination fast. The roads are unpaved and dusty, and travel is slow. BUT this is where learning is, where we are renewed, and where we are tested. Then we are ready or prepared to face the challenges that awaits us in our destination. These roads make the journey worthwhile.

And though Lom-Dubh, the Raven, from the King of Sleep tells us not to worry about our destination and to just follow the road, listen to his plea – “Be patient.”


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