Tuesday, December 12

Not Only Black And White

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 In ordinary life, unpredictable events have the power to change our ideals, dreams and hopes for a brilliant future. These may be seen like a black shadow which follows you.

   I’m sure you all heard of the famous “ Miorita”. It’s because of this ballad that we have come to acknowledge the typical Romanian attitude in front of hardships. We seem to be waiting for a sward to lend on the top of their head.

The idea of perfection comes antitethical with the white color whose meaning is nothing than fulfillment and happiness.

Here are two extremes and also two lies! It’s nothing lost in life it’s nothing well defined so we should learn to live in colors.

I said about hardships and I referred to the unfortunate case of needing a new organ.It wouldn’t  be amazing to be helped by your own body without so much black in your state of mind?

    Our brain is a mountain hard to be climbed methaphoric speaking. As many of you probably know and if you don’t, will find out now, the human brain has a fish level, a reptilian one and of course a mammal level. It means that we have some similarities with the animals mentioned before, concerning the genetic composition. Well, we can speak about Salamander which has a really special capacity:  if its feet are cut, they will automatically grow back.

  These being said, it was discovered that during regeneration, there are been copied at least 10.000 of genes. So what? Well it’s actually a big deal because 9.000 of them seems to be related with human versions.  Hold on,life! Here we come to abolish this mistery! As you can see there are still chances, there are still hopes to live normal and colored . Researches hope that from studies on lizards they can understand what signal is send at cell level to stimulate recovery of tissues and organs and then this signal can be reproduced in humans. The ultimate goal is to reproduce complex organs like the heart.

Red’s intensity when you’re in love…blue’s calmness when you dream with the eyes open…yellow’s impudence when you’re spoiled by the sun…that is what the “exist” verb means.

  What can we do without health?Can we feel all this? I’m afraid not. So, the the white part to which we all aspire …the absolute way of seeing life  should be first of all a reason to start counting down: 3…2…1..to the explosion of discoveries which ensure the supreme award: happiness! But you see?! After all this you have to live colored. White just helped you to achieve the meaning of life.


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