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Teenagers And Their Internet Usage

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There are things parents need to know about their teenagers and their internet usage. Teens are smarter than adults are when it comes to the internet and how to use it. Face it; your children have grown up right in the middle of the technical revolution. Your teenagers can get on the internet at home and at home. Most teenagers have cell phones with internet access. It is time you figured out where your children spend most of their time on the World Wide Web.

I have worked with teenagers most of my life. For the past twenty years, I have worked in various pizza restaurants. I have seen teens come and go by the thousands. They all left me with one huge warning. Most parents have no idea what their teenagers really do when they are on their own. The teenagers know this and they take full advantage of it. It is time parents took the time to find out more about their teenagers and who they spend their time with. My daughter is fourteen and she is one of those “know it all” teenagers. She is a good kid, but all good kids have secrets they keep from their parents. Below are some of the sites where teenagers spend their time.

YouTube– YouTube is a site that is full of videos. YouTube has all kinds of videos. Teenagers love this site. They love to see the strange and wacky things that are happening in the world. Teenagers love to make their own videos and put them on YouTube. A teenager at work actually made a video of himself shaving and put it on YouTube. He wanted to see how many people would click on his video. YouTube is not a bad site. There are some good videos on the site. YouTube removes sexually explicit videos as soon as they find out about them. The problem is many teenagers find the videos before YouTube finds them.

MySpace-MySpace is no longer the most popular site for teenagers. The problem is many people try to show their stuff on the site. Naked women send pictures to anybody and everybody on the site. There are good and bad things about MySpace. There are many good people sending out good information. There are many bad people sending out bad information. My daughter still uses MySpace. She thinks it is boring, but she uses it. Teenagers love to put pictures of themselves on sites like these. Teenagers do not realize that strange people look all over these sites for personal information. Teenagers believe every site is safe to them. Watch your teenagers and make sure they do not send personal information through sites like MySpace.

Craigslist-Craigslist is an interesting site. My nephews are teenagers and they love this site. Craigslist is a site where you can sell anything all around the world. You can also buy things. You put an ad on the site with your email. Somebody will email you if they are interested in what you have for sale on Craigslist. You will exchange phone numbers and meet somewhere to exchange the product for money. Prostitutes used to use Craigslists to get customers. Craigslist said they took the prostitutes off, but some teenagers (I know) have a different opinion. Teenagers love Craigslist. It is a site filled up with information and things for sale. My nephew sold some baseball tickets on the site for me. He even joked about what kind of weirdo we may meet up with. The sale was successful, but you never know. Teenagers know weird people hang out on sites like Craigslist.

Facebook-I actually love Facebook. Teenagers use the site in a different way than I do. Facebook is a site where you meet friends and family members. I found a bunch of friends from college on Facebook. I could not find them anywhere else on the net. Teenagers use Facebook to send pictures of themselves to each other. They use Facebook to plan parties. Some teenagers use Facebook as a hook up site. My daughter actually had her phone number on the site at one time. Good thing I was aware of that. Facebook is another site where weirdo’s can go to find personal information about your teenagers. This is a special world. We all might as well face the facts. Do not let me forget this information. Facebook is the place that has all the strange games many people like to play.

MyYearbook– My fourteen-year-old daughter showed me this site last night. Teenagers use MyYearbook to keep in touch. This site is interesting and dangerous at the same time. MyYearbook is a site to keep in touch with family and friends. MyYearbook is also a site to go to when you want to hook up with somebody else. They already have twenty million members and I only found out about it last night. This is another site where weirdo’s can come and (check out) information about your teenagers. MyYearbook has its own games for you to play.

Pornography sites-If you have a teenage son, you realize he loves girls. This is natural. Many parents do not realize how many pornography sites their teenager looks at. I see it at work, sixteen and seventeen year old boys looking at pornography sites through their cell phones. They do it during work. The teenage boys are working and trying to hook up with girls while they are working. Some of these girls are girls from the internet. How can you be sure the girls you see on the internet are really girls?

The internet is a dangerous place for your teenager. You cannot watch them like a hawk every minute of the day. You can become aware of what is going on with their lives. Many parents do not have any idea about what is going on with their teenagers. I will let everybody know (in the coming weeks) how bad our culture has become. Your teenager and their internet usage is just the beginning. There are things parents need to know about teenagers and their internet usage. The sites I have listed above are only a few of the popular sites teens love to use. It is time for parents to open their eyes and realize this world is not getting any better. Do not believe your teenager is the only good teenager out here in the world. There are many great teenagers in our world. They need direction. They need parents that care about them. They need parents to teach them what is right and what is wrong. You can start this process by becoming aware of your teenager and their internet usage.

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