Thursday, December 14

Popular Wedding Gift Ideas

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When selecting a wedding present, family and friends of the happy couple may find themselves getting bogged down in questions about this purchase: Is my gift too impersonal? Did I spend an appropriate amount of money? Will they even like the gift? Did someone else already buy them the same exact thing? And these are all valid questions as a wedding is a momentous occasion and you want your gift to reflect its magnitude and sentiment.  Despite all that, buying a wedding gift need not be an anxiety ridden task. 

As a first point of reference I would recommend finding out whether or not the couple has opened a bridal registry.  If they have, then you are in luck! With a registry all the mystery surrounding what the couple wants and/or needs in starting their new life together disappears.   Choosing a gift then becomes a relatively easy task as you can make your selection from a narrow pool of gift options that you can be certain the couple will be happy to receive.  Buying off a registry also ensures that your gift is not one they have already received, as the bridal registry is updated upon purchase. A registry also allows for any number of family members or friends to chip in together in order to purchase one of the larger, more expensive items on the list that the couple most likely really desires and may or may not be able to purchase for themselves.  

 If the couple is not registered anywhere do not worry, you still have a handful of easy go-to options. You can never go wrong with gifting money.  Everyone appreciates receiving money and it gives the couple the freedom to choose where and when that money can best be put to use.  However, some people do not feel comfortable with this and find it to be too impersonal.  If so, there are many personalized options the couple is sure to enjoy.  Depending on their plans you can offer to purchase some sort of event for their honeymoon, such as one night’s stay at their hotel or a dinner at a fancy restaurant.  Nowadays it is even possible to register for one’s honeymoon! Some alternative wedding gift recommendations include household items (mainly kitchen appliances), a nice bottle of wine or liquor, new luggage, or a beautiful wedding or picture frame.

Whatever you end up deciding to purchase remember that weddings are fun, blessed occasions and your gift will be a wonderful complement to the momentous event!   


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