Sunday, December 17

Did he Die or is he Still Alive? The Game Shot (Or Wasn't He?)

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Rapper the Game dies (or is he still alive?) after getting shot last night.

I just heard the news (or rumor) about rapper the Game (Jayceon Taylor), who died after getting shot in his head in a Los Angeles Mall last night. And I immediately searched the Internet for any information about this report. It still is very unclear whether the rumor is true, and of course I hope it is not.

The game has two little boys named Justice and Harlem. As for right now most news sites are waiting for confirmation about the death of this famous and very talented rap artist.
Taylor released his third album, the gold-selling “L.A.X.,” in August of 2008. He was also preparing his fourth album for release later this year under distribution from Interscope Records. The game has a feud going on with another rapper, 50 Cent.

Of course we all know most rappers aren’t the most innocent guys walking around on our planet, but no-one deserves to get shot through the head (it gives me the shivers just thinking about that!) and be survived by his kids.

If this story is true, my deep condolences to all of his family. This must be an awful time for them. If it isn´t true, I don´t understand why anyone would start such a nasty rumour.


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