Tuesday, December 12

Foods That Help Your Skin Look Younger

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The skin care product industry is booming with people spending large amounts of money on various products in an effort to combat the effects that aging and the environment have on their skin. Everyone seems to be looking for the magic potion that will help them have younger looking skin. Instead of scouring the products on the shelves of pharmacies for that elusive “fountain of youth” the secret is actually right at your fingertips in your refrigerator and cupboard. There are many foods that will keep your skin looking years younger when you make sure that they are part of your daily diet.

Almonds are one such food that can help you have younger looking skin. This simple nut contains Vitamin E, antioxidants and the fatty acids your body needs. Eating almonds on a regular basis will give your skin a healthy glow. A handful as a snack is sufficient as a daily allotment because almonds are also high in calories and can cause you to gain weight if you eat large amounts.

Make sure you have plenty of protein in your diet. Skinless poultry products are excellent sources of protein that will help you lose weight and enjoy younger looking skin at the same time. By including large amounts of protein in your diet you will feel full for longer periods of time and won’t be tempted to snack on high calorie foods. While red meat is a good source of protein, you should limit your consumption and opt for chicken, turkey or tuna as well as nuts and seeds. Flax, soybeans, peanuts and others contain great antioxidants and vitamins that are great for your skin.

Fruits contain antioxidants that are perfect for skin care. Apples contain pectin which helps detoxify the body and the skin allowing your pores to open and release the built up toxins that cause acne and blemishes. In addition, apples do not have any calories and contain water that the skin needs for hydration.

Drink plenty of water to rid your body and skin of wastes. Water helps to keep the skin soft and smooth. Those who do not drink a lot of water every day are often the ones that have dry skin and have to resort to facial and hand creams.

Lemons, while they may taste bitter, are the super anti-aging food that you should include in your diet. These fruits contain powerful antioxidants that are vital for health skin. Squeeze some lemon juice on your food at meal time or drink a glass of lemon juice or water containing fresh squeezed lemon with your breakfast. Your skin will thank you and everyone will notice your healthy glow.


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