Tuesday, December 12

What Are Apple Snails?

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Apple Snails

In regards to aquarium snails the general opinion appears to be that they are bad news, they over run your tank and eat your plants. However I have recently discovered Apple Snails also sometimes known as Mystery Snails.

Apple Snails can be an attractive and useful addition to your tank. They come in many different colours including; Golden, Ivory, Blue, Purple, Brown and Green. This together with their ability to reach a fairly large size is probably their greatest appeal. Whilst these colours describe the colour of the shell the body colour also varies between a clear/white body and a grey/blue body. If you look closely you will also see that the body has little darker spots particularly around the edges and on the breathing tube. The shell can also vary between striped and non striped.

Benefits of Apple Snails

  • They will grow to a large size in favourable conditions – this is particularly useful for keeping with gold fish. Every other breed of snail I have tried to include with my gold fish they have killed or eaten but the apple snails are too large for them to pick up so they leave them alone. 

  • They will clear up left over fish food which helps to prevent cloudy water and bacterial growth etc.

  • They can be kept in both Tropical and Cold Water aquariums.

  • They can be kept with most kinds of fish, although some fish such as Puffer Fish and Clown Loaches do prey on the snails.

  • They are a natural non chemical method of controlling algae build up. About two weeks ago I put 7 golden apple snails in with my gold fish and the tank is now looking much clearer. 

  • Breeding is easy to control so they don’t over run your aquarium and eat all your plants.
  • Feeding is cheap and simple. Supplementary food can be supplied to prevent them eating your aquatic plants if this becomes a problem.
  • They look really pretty in your tank, especially if you have a range of colours.

Thank you for reading this, hopefully I will soon be including some articles on the specifics of feeding, breeding and general care advice for Apple Snails.


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