Planning a New Year’s Eve Party for Kids

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Many adults try to either plan a party or decide which party they are going to attend. However many couples have small children, so trying to find a babysitter for the holidays can be difficult and almost impossible. But there is a different way to ring in the New Year and everyone will enjoy it. Couples can partner with other parents to coordinate an annual children’s New Years Eve party. Every year a different couple can host the children’s party so the other adults have a babysitter and can attend a celebration themselves.

When an adult throws a party for their friends and family, they usually make preparations a month in advance, and although coordinating a party geared towards children sounds like a big job, it can be quite easy if you use your imagination and be as creative as possible.

Choose a theme: New Year’s Eve parties are exciting and what better way to ring in the New Year than have a themed party. Depending on the ages of the children you can choose a specific costume for them to wear, or they can just come in a costume of their choice.

Decorations: If you’ve ever celebrated the New Year by attending a party, you know how nice it is to have streamers and decorations. Rather than just having bare walls, decorating the house creates a fun atmosphere and makes it more exciting for the children.

Food & Drinks: When it comes to a children’s party, they aren’t very picky about what they eat or what they drink. In addition to junk food, serving finger foods such as, cheese cubes, crackers, fruit and veggie slices, dessert items and fruit drinks will put a smile on their faces and is easier to clean up.

Entertainment: Providing entertainment for children at a party is a must. They really want to have a good time so instead of a typical video game, try something different. Having a treasure hunt is always fun and children of all ages will enjoy it. You can hide New Year’s Eve related items around the house and award a prize to the child that gathers the most. In addition to games, music can add to the excitement. You want to have a variety of genres so all the children can listen to their favorite artists; ask the parents to send music cd’s with their children so you don’t have to go and buy music that you probably wouldn’t listen to otherwise.

Party Favors: Bells, whistles, and noise makers are an absolute must when it comes to a New Year’s Eve party. If you’re going to ring in the New Year, you want to make a lot of noise while doing so. Children naturally love to be loud, so if you provide them with these items they’re free to make as much noise as they want.

Ringing in the New Year is very exciting and if you’re prepared and use your imagination, you can have a blast. Creating and following a plan will not only make your job easier, the children will enjoy themselves and remember it for a lifetime.


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