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Rennies And What They do For You

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When I became pregnant in March 2008, I had to throw up a lot and I was looking for anything that would make my nausea go away. I had indigestion problems and heartburn which made it very difficult for me to even go to work. But my friend advices me to use Rennies (I never used these tablets before) so I did, and it worked for me. Enjoy my review!

**About Rennie**

Rennies are white square formed antacid squared tablets that can help you when you have indigestion problems, heartburn, dyspepsia, hyperacidiy, nervous indigestion, flatulence problems or if you just have an upset stomach. If you are an adult, you can use them and regular Rennies can also be used if your child is older than 6. There are a few flavours available, I always ate the peppermint type but if you don’t like peppermint, you can also buy the spearmint of fruit variations. Although I don’t think fruit is available at every pharmacy.
A average Rennie box contains 72 peppermint tablets. I like the fact that there is a lot in one box, especially because I had to use them a lot during the first months of my pregnancy. I didn’t have to go to the pharmacy after a few days, because I had enough in stock.
There also are boxes with 48 tablets sold.
And if you are not reacting well to sugar, you can buy the sugar free type that comes in a box of 24.
I always paid around 3.50 Pounds for my box of 72 Rennie Peppermint Tablets. The box is red and has white letters printed on the front, displaying the products name and it’s taste.


First of all, I think is is very important to know that Rennies can be taken safely when you are pregnant. But don’t take more than 16 a day!
These are the ingredients;

Each tablet contains: Calcium Carbonate 680mg, Heavy Magnesium Carbonate 80mg.

**How to use these tablets**

As said above don’t use mare than 16 a day (adults) and 8 for kids. Suck 1 or two tablets and you will immediatly taste the peppermint but I was happy to discover it wasn’t a very strong peppermint taste (the one you feel like your tongue is burning like crazy). The tablets have quite a nice taste I have to say and I think they can be best compared to a regular peppermint. Once you have sucked the tablet (and may be chewed the last bit) you will notice that your stomach gets more relaxed. The magnesium ingredients makes this happen. Rennie work within 5-10 minutes after digesting, I noticed.
I always used two tablets a time when I felt nausea, and I have to say for the two hours after using Rennies, my stomach was more relaxed and my nausea went away for 80 percent.

**My opinion**

A great little helper when you have nasea troubles during pregnancy, or in general a tasteful little helper when you have heartburn (which I had to and it did work for this problem as well). Not too expensive, a nice taste, easy to chew/suck and with the proper effect. One to keep in mind I have to say.


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