Will you ever stop playing video/computer games?

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I wonder why did I choose to write on this topic, but this takes me back right to my childhood days. The days when we all had little to worry and lots to play. The world problems were nothing to us, just bask in the sunlight of innocence and fun. And in the list of fun, computer games comes among one of the top 3.
I know all of you reading this article are devoid games’ fans and have your own little story behind how and where you started to play games. I’ll share with you’ll my experience. To be completely frank, I had started off my gaming craze with a simple hand-held video game gifted to me by one of my uncles. I was given 2 pieces (actually one was for my elder sister). One was a Tetris games (a long grey piece) and a Jumping Frog (a small yellow piece, so small even my little finger could not depress the reset button).
I used to play day in and out with it making all sorts of records and trying to improvise on my best scores daily. Days went by and I bought myself a video game which could be connected to the television. I had a settop box which held the cartridge which had 64-in-1 and 128-in-1 games. School life used to revolve around exchanging of ther cartridges. I hope this was the glimpse to the future of computer gaming. Can’t say didn’t enjoy those games, it was truly commendable at that time, after all technology never stays stagnant!

Then came the superior computer games with all the trendy technology and now I am coming quite to the main theme in this context, i.e. my favourite games. Well, I am quite a gamie (I guess, foodie as in food). I like everything right from the free games you get in windows OS like solitaire, hearts and pinball. You tell me to play right now, and I am ready for the challenge. Now, quite towards my favourite: I like all types of racing and strategy games. These include
1) NFS 1,2,3,4,5
2) Fifa 98,2000,2001
2) Age Of Empires, Age of Kings
3) Midtown Madness
4) MotoRacer
5) Max Payne

I guess I have a lot like them as my favourites, but stretching my memory back, I can recollect only a few of them. I love to play even today and try and make up time for a good game. I must admit though, the knowledge, the cheat codes and other information I had about games in those times, are not so sharp in me today. You will also agress that an innocent and a stress-free mind is very dedicated to his/her interest and so now I have lost some dedication in new games. But having said that, there’s no way will I ever stop playing games. It’s like trying to forget first love and believe me it’s not that easy! What say?


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